Book Review: Safe From Harm (Protect & Serve) by Kate SeRine

Safe From Harm is the second book in the Protect & Serve series by Kate SeRine. The first book in the series was Stop at Nothing, which I did not read. However, I caught up to the stories surrounding the families pretty quickly, and some of the characters felt familiar anyway- though I still have not figured out why yet.

Deputy Gabe Dawson has had his eye on prosecuting attorney Elle McCoy for years. But the smart, sassy redhead is immune to his legendary charm and good looks, until Gabe is shot on the courthouse steps protecting Elle from a vengeful domestic terrorist. Elle McCoy has been protecting her heart from the cocky playboy cop. But it’s hard not to notice a guy when he takes a bullet for you and seems determined to turn his life around. With the extremists still at large and Elle a target, Gabe and his law enforcement brothers kick into high gear to take down the threat. And as they work together, Elle realizes she’s losing her heart to a man who will risk it all to keep her safe from harm.

Safe From Harm is a good romantic suspense, with plenty of danger and mystery. Elle is a prosecuting attorney dealing with those guilty of terrible crimes, and with that comes the risk of violence. Gabe is a police deputy dealing with collecting evidence and the criminal element. They each have painful losses in their past, and deal with the unpleasantness elements of society. They also have long standing infatuations with each other, and neither knows the other really feels the same. I like that Elle is a strong and capable woman, willing to admit her faults to herself, but not always willing top admit them to others. Gabe seems like the womanizing golden boy, but he is a strong and thoughtful guy that has a strong inclination to protect those around him. I liked their banter, and eventually the way they opened up and really talked. I also liked the inclusion of the pair's extending family and that grief and PTSD was talked about in realistic ways, the adrenaline following danger and the struggle to come to terms with what can and cannot be done was a strong element of the story. What I did not like was the uncontrollable need to get naked as soon as they admitted their feelings for each other at every single opportunity. Sex happens, especially in romance novels, but I feel like more could have been done between the couple to solidify their relationship with emotion than with sex.

Safe From Harm is a good romantic suspense with complex characters and story line. I enjoyed the read, and think many others will as well. 
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