Book Review: Hidden Universe Travel Guide to the Complete Cosmos: With Notes by the Guardians of the Galaxy by Marc Sumerak

Hidden Universe Travel Guide to the Complete Cosmos: With Notes by the Guardians of the Galaxy by Marc Sumerak is the ultimate guidebook to Earth, the Nine Realms, and other dimensions from Marvel Comics, as told by Peter Quill, Rocket, Groot, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ever since Super Heroes like Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy started stomping around planet Earth, we’ve had to open our horizons a little and embrace the wider reaches of space. If you’re thinking of journeying to one of the many new realms for a little down time, then don’t leave home without Hidden Universe’s guide to the cosmos. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the divine splendor of Asgard or soak up the multicultural atmosphere of intergalactic waypoint Knowhere, this is the book for you. It even provides some tips on surviving excursions to Planet Moord and Chitauri Prime, if you like your vacations to be on the extreme side. 

Hidden Universe Travel Guide to the Complete Cosmos is a good place to start if you are know to the Marvel universe, or just want to fill in some knowledge gaps. It is not comprehensive- as there are just so many things to cover, but it an entertaining start because of the interjections of the Guardians. This book offers readers information on the hot spots, history, and culture of more than forty locations in the Marvel Universe, including Planet X, Halfworld, Weirdworld, and the Planet of the Symbiotes. There is also some discussion of some of the Earth's most exotic and mysterious locations, such as Wakanda, Latveria, the Savage Land, and New Attila. The humor and snark of the commentary really made the book a fun read, and I learned a few things.

Hidden Universe Travel Guide to the Complete Cosmos is a good guide to those who enjoy some of the graphic novels or movies that feature the Marvel world of superheroes and creatures. It helps fill in the blanks that you might not know if you have missed an important issue or movie- and want to fully understand the possible implications of wise cracks, drawn weapons, and diplomatic mistakes. 
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