Book Review: Inspector Flytrap and the Big Deal Mysteries by Tom Angelburger, Cece Bell

Inspector Flytrap and the Big Deal Mysteries is an easy chapter book written by Tom Angelburger and illustrated by Cece Bell. On his first caper, Inspector Flytrap heads to the Art Museum’s Secret Lab to discover what important message lies in a mysterious glob on a recently discovered Da Vinci flower painting. The ingenious solution: Da Vinci was allergic to flowers, and the glob is, er, evidence of that ancient sneeze. Next Inspector Flytrap works on cases such as “The Big Deal Mystery of the Stinky Cookies” and “The Big Deal Mystery of the Missing Rose".

Inspector Flytrap and the Big Deal Mysteries is another funny and engaging story that will capture the interest of young readers. Inspector Flytrap is insistent on only working big deal cases, and his assistant and friend, a goat, is clearly not impressed with anything. Together they work cases, and sometimes cause more problems than they fix. I like that Inspector Flytrap is indeed smart and clever enough to solve the cases that come his way, and that in a silly but fun way show readers that his lack of mobility (he is a potted plant after all) is no barrier in making friends or solving cases. The characters and cases are silly on several levels, leaving readers entertained as they attempt to solve the cases before the detective. There is a running theme of friendship and working as a team through out the book along with wonderfully entertaining illustrations that keep readers interested.

Inspector Flytrap and the Big Deal Mysteries is a wacky book that will draw in reluctant and newly independent readers and keep them reading happily. The story and illustrations come together wonderfully to make readers laugh, think, and enjoy reading- which is the point, right? 
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