Book Review: Everybody Loves Ramen by Eric Hites

Everybody Loves Ramen by Eric Hites is a book for everyone that have developed a taste for instant ramen noodles, whether from necessity or choice. This book offers related fun facts, stories, puzzles, and fifty recipes that anyone can make using the packets of Ramen. The combinations range from obvious to “really?” and stem from the experiments of the author and his friends conducted to concoct original, and hopefully taste, ways to cook a staple in their lives. 

Everybody Loves Ramen is a fun gift for students and adults making their way on their own for the first time. Almost everyone on a limited budget has turned to Ramen Noodles at some point, and these recipes are entertaining, and some sound appetizing. I will admit that I was a little disappointed, because I did not read the description and was hoping for a book on making traditional Ramen, but I was still entertained and have considered some taste combinations that had not been on my radar before. The book is fun and humorously written, well worth a look if you have any fond memories of Ramen, or are just starting to branch out into the hungry realm of “I’m broke” cuisine.  
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