Early Book Review: You Had One Job by Beverly L. Jenkins

You Had One Job by Beverly L. Jenkins is a collection off funny photographs illustrating epic fails. It is currently scheduled for release on July 12 2016. If someone hangs a stop sign upside down or paints crooked lines on a highway, count on someone else to snap a photo and post it online.  You Had One Job! is a collection of hilarious pictures features job-related disasters and general ineptitudes. All of these new, never-before-seen images are accompanied by witty captions. 

You Had One Job is fun to flip through, and a great book to make you feel better about any mistakes you might have made on the job. My only issue with the book is that the internet and social media in particular is already flush with similar pictures. While these are new, they are not unexpected or amazingly more amusing than those I have already seen via blogs and Facebook. It is a fun, silly book- and worth a look or addition to a collection of coffee table books if you have one. However, there is nothing terribly new to notable here, mainly do to the sheer number of mistakes and pictures already out in the world. 
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