Early Book Review: Ogres Awake! by James Sturm, Alexis Frederick-Frost, Andrew Arnold

Ogres Awake! by James Sturm, Alexis Frederick-Frost, and Andrew Arnold is a children's graphic novel currently scheduled for release on July 12 2016. while this is a return to the world of the Knight and her horse Edward, young readers do not need to read this series in any order. They are all good fun as stand alones or together.

The knight and her horse, Edward, have discovered that there are three huge ogres asleep at her doorstep! When they wake up, the kingdom is in big trouble because of course ogres like to rampage and destroy things when they wake up! The knight wants to prepare for a fight, but the king and his garden gnomes are all ready to protect the kingdom, not with swords and shields, but with potato peelers and spoons. It turns out that ogres are pretty friendly when they have full stomachs!

Ogres Awake! is another delightful read from the Adventures in Cartooning series. I love the enthusiasm of the Knight, the pragmatic calm of Edward, and the twists that keep things interesting. I like that stew, rather than warfare, was the answer. The idea of being smart and thoughtful being more important that being a great warrior is a repeating theme that seems to tie all these books together, and is one that I can get behind.

Ogres Awake! is another win for young readers.
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