Early Book Review: Not Today Celeste: A Dog’s Tale about her Human’s Depression by Liza Stevens

Not Today Celeste: A Dog’s Tale about Her Human’s Depression by Liza Stevens is a picture book that is currently scheduled for release on June 21 2016. Celeste thinks she is the happiest dog in the world. But when she notices something different about her human, Rupert, she wonders if things will ever be the same again. This heart-warming story reflects some of the feelings and experiences that a child whose parent, sibling, or caregiver has depression may face. The story provides reassurance by explaining what depression is and how it is possible to find help.
Not Today Celeste: A Dog’s Tale about Her Human’s Depression can be a great tool for helping young children understand what depression is, and cope with times when someone they love is suffering from it. The illustrations are charming and offer soothing colors and some smile worthy moments. Like Celeste, often children in this situation think that the mood and behavior changes of someone going through depression might be their fault. This book helps reassure them that it is not true, gives clues as to how to recognize depression in others (and themselves), and how they not just cope but also help. I really liked that is a comprehensive guide for parents and professionals at the end of the book that offers advice on discussing the topic with children. I think this book and the resources in it can be valuable for social workers, child and school counselors, psychologists, parents and foster parents.  
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