Early Book Review: The Toad by Elise Gravel

The Toad is an informational picturebook by Elise Gravel. It is scheduled for release on July 5 2016. She's good for the environment but many people think that she is disgusting! Distinctive traits include warts, food preferences and bugs and worms, a special talent is eating her own skin! She might be disgusting but fun, too!

The Toad is a great informational picturebook for beginning readers. the pictures are simple but still very fun. The facts are equal parts fascinating and gross. while I am not the squeamish sort when it comes to creepy crawlies or the possibly slimy of the great outdoors, I think this read could make some readers more interested in finding and observing a variety of creatures rather than avoiding or killing them. A win-win all around. 

The Toad is part of the Disgusting Critter series. A previous book, The Spider, was a winner too and I expect nothing less from the series or author. The combination of humor and fact can raise interest and lower the fear factor for creatures that might otherwise make kids and adults alike a little squeamish.  
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