Book Review: The Spider by Elise Gravel

The Spider by Elise Gravel is part of a nonfiction series that combines facts about the creepy crawly critters of the world with humor. The book covers topics like a spider's habitats (pretty much everywhere), the silk it spins (it can trap prey and makes a nifty bowtie), and its parenting practice (female spiders carry around their eggs in a silk purse). While each page is pretty silly The Spider also contains real information in a format that can both amuse and teach.

The Spider is a delightfully silly nonfiction book about spiders. The text is a mix of facts and silly twists on those facts to make both young and older readers laugh while learning. The illustrations are key to the giggle factor, and do a great job. I think readers that are just starting to branch out and read a larger variety of book on their own, but are either intimidated or bored by some of the books for their reading level with love this book. more advanced readers will still enjoy the sneaky learning that is woven between silliness.

The Spider is a great choice for young readers that love to learn about nature, and those that just love to laugh. As an easy picturebook it also lends itself to reading at story times or just reading together as a family or for bedtime. It is a great way to make learning fun for everyone. Now I amk going to have to get my hands on the whole series. 

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