Book Review: Rocked by Love (Gargoyles #4) by Christine Warren

Rocked by Love is the fourth book in the Gargoyles series by Christine Warren. The previous books are Heart of Stone, Stone Cold Lover, and Hard as Rock. I have not read them all, but I think readers that have read the series in order, or at least most of the books, will get more from the series than those that pick up this book as a stand alone. While the romance here is fine on its own, the larger story arch will not make much sense to newcomers.

Kylie Kramer knows that she's putting her life in danger when she decides to investigate her friend's mysterious death. What she doesn't know is that she's being watched over by a powerful protector, a rock-hard savior who draws her into a world that no mortal woman can imagine. As the strongest of the gargoyles, Dag is sworn to destroy the demons that threaten Kylie's world before returning to his stony slumber. But the burning desire she ignites in him is even harder to fight-an all-consuming force that, once unleashed, can never be tamed. As their passion grows, so do the ranks of a demonic army plotting to take over the earth. When the ultimate battle begins, Dag and Kylie must face some demons of their own-to carve out a love that's stronger than time.

Rocked by Love is a nice addition to this series. As usual, I am very fond of the characters, both major and minor. Kylie is a smart and capable woman, still able to be cowed by her grandmother who is a force of nature. Dag is a powerful hero, with a decent ability to take Kylie's feelings into account rather than pushing the alpha male vibe too hard. The complications of the battles with demons and the larger story from the series is very important here, and I think readers new to the series might miss some of the excitement here because they are going to have to play catch up. My only real issue with the book is with Kylie's speech patterns. I know some Yiddish, in fact I thought I knew more than I apparently do. Like Dag, I regularly had no idea what Kylie was saying, it occasionally was frustrating but I did get over it by the end of the story. The big climax of the book was very well done, and brought together the skills of the main players, particularly Kylie, to the forefront. I liked the twists that were included and the promise of more to come.

Rocked by Love is a quick moving story that moves the larger story arch of the series forward significantly. Fans of Warren and the series will be very happy with this read, and be as eager as more for more. 
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