Book Review: Max at Night by Ed Vere

Max at Night is a picturebook by Ed Vere. Max the cat (who we met in Max the Brave) returns, and this time he is getting ready for bed. Max is sleepy, and it is past his bedtime. However, after he gets ready for bed and begins saying goodnight to those around him he notices the moon is missing. He journeys to say goodbye to the moon, because he cannot go to sleep without bidding the moon goodnight.

Max at Night is a fun adventure with an adorable kitten in the lead role. Max wants to say goodnight to the moon, but that is easier said than done. He climbs higher and higher in search of the moon. The story and illustrations come together to tell the heart warming story of this little kitten in search of the moon, and offers the knowledge that the moon could have heard him no matter where he was in order to prevent young readers or listeners from attempting bedtime delays using the same type of tactics. This is a smart combination of fun and wit that will keep parents and children happy.

Max at Night is a sweet and fun bedtime book that will stand up to multiply reads. 
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