Book Review: On the Sapphire’s Trail by Katherine and Florian Ferrier

On the Sapphire’s Trail is the second graphic novel in the Hotel Strange series by Katherine and Florian Ferrier. The characters of Hotel Strange are busy planning a music festival and Kiki is too lazy to help anyone. While Marietta tries to convince Kiki to help they stumble upon a monster who wants to sing in the festival. Marietta looks for a quiet place for the Arrgoyle to practice, but on her way home, she is kidnapped by thieves! The thieves are looking for the people who stole their sapphires. Soon Marietta and her friends are working to solve the mystery of the missing sapphires while the thieves hold Mr. Leclair hostage. Can they solve the mystery of a missing sapphire to save their friends, and the festival!

On the Sapphire’s Trail is an interesting graphic novel, with the same charms and problems as the first book, Wake Up Spring. THe illustrations are well done and colorful. They add most of the details and some additional humor to the story. The characters hold to their established characters in their strange little world, which is always a plus. I think that the story included a good variety of unusual creatures, most of which we met in the previous book, but the story was a little scattered. It almost had too much going on, but never completely crossed that line. I think the transitional and newly independent readers that are in the target age group will enjoy the read. 
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