Early Book Review: Far Out Fairy Tales by Louise Simonson, Otis Frampton, Benjamin Harper, Joey Comeau, and Sean Tulien

Far Out Fairy Tales by Louise Simonson, Otis Frampton, Benjamin Harper, Joey Comeau, and Sean Tulien is a graphic novel which is currently scheduled for release on April 1 2016. This middle grade graphic explores what Snow White would be like if she were raised by robots and how Cinderella's story plays out when she walks the path of the ninja. Readers can play along when three billy goats named Gruff get stuck inside a video game, and chase down the Big Bad Wolf with the help of a superpowered Red Riding Hood! Each fairy tale revision holds true to the spirit of the original while adding a modern twist to the classic tales.

Far Out Fairy Tales is a wonderful collection of new looks at classic stories. I think the book opens with the best of the stories, Cinderella as a ninja. She does not want to marry the prince, she wants to sword train with him. The ending made me particularly happy. Red Ridinghood with super powers granted by an alien hood was an interesting story, but just fell a little flat for me after how much I liked the Cinderella tale. It was still good, but not my favorite. The Billy Goats Gruff in a video game like story made me smile, particularly when the brothers split up and you got the three stories at once on each page. Snow White in a futuristic world with robots and poisoned chocolate rather than an apple was well done, with a neat twist on the tale. Hansel & Gretel & Zombies was unexpected and a twist that was a little sweeter than I expected. Together the graphic collection was great fun, and I thought the illustrations were particularly wonderful. It is a great pick all around.

Far Out Fairy Tales is a fun, bright, and engaging new look at some old favorites. This is a delightful pick for just about everyone, from elementary school right on up- including adults. 

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