Book Review: Sock Monster by Stacey R. Campbell

Sock Monster is a picturebook by Stacey R. Campbell. Billy is in the midst of a fun game when his mother tells him that it is time to clean up and get ready for bed. The only trouble is Billy does not want to waste time cleaning his room, so instead of cleaning his room he hides the mess. A bedtime story about the sock monster, made up of clothes not put away where they belong, keeps Billy up until he gives up and cleans up correctly. A cute story with a little twist at the end that just might lead to cleaner rooms in your house.

Sock Monster is a fun and cute story about a little boy that avoids cleaning his room. I really liked the story line, the resolution, and especially the little twist at the end when the mom starts to hear sock monster like noises herself and asks dad whether HE picked up his socks. The illustrations were fairly simple and cute. There was little in the way of background and additional details, but they conveyed the meaning and story well.

Sock Monster is a good story for bedtime reading by caregivers and parents dealing with the struggle to have a child pick up after themselves, particularly in the laundry department. It is not the only, or the best, book on the subject that I have read. However, it is fun and would make a good addition to the storytime reading pile.
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