Early Book Review: Science Comics: Coral Reefs: Cities of the Ocean by Maris Wicks

Science Comics: Coral Reefs: Cities of the Ocean by Maris Wicks is part of a series that uses the graphic novel format to engage children in science. This volume: in Coral Reefs, we learn all about the tiny sea animals that are our coral reefs. This absorbing look at ocean science covers the biology of coral reefs as well as their ecological importance. There is an entertaining and informative combination of serious cuteness and in-depth science.

Coral Reefs is a cute and informative graphic novel that will fascinate readers that love cute graphic novels, non fiction about science, and information about animals or the environment. I think this combination of science and cuteness will keep a wide audience interested and reading about science. The illustrations are very detailed and help in the information gathering by readers, while keeping them amused. The informative text alternates between very in depth and tidbits of information that will recapture the attention of any readers starting to drift.

Coral Reefs is a good resource for capturing the attention of a wide variety of readers and getting them excited by science, informed, and hopefully curious to learn more.
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