Book Review: Conqueror's Kiss by Hannah Howell

Conqueror's Kiss by Hannah Howell is a historical romance. Jennet Graeme has witnessed terrible tragedy during the many years of strife between the Scots and the English. As Scottish invaders plunder her convent sanctuary, she defiantly resists the blond warrior who claims her as his prize. But his brute strength is overpowering and Jennet is forced to ride with him through the lawless lands, tending to the wounded, protected and desired by a man she wants to hate, but cannot. Sir Hacon Gillard is moved by Jennet's compassion and mercy. As a loyal knight, he's pledged fealty to his king's command, even as he loses his heart to this remarkable woman. Merciless in combat, with a leaning toward mercy, this knight faces more than one kind of danger.

Conqueror's Kiss is a romance with a lot going on, perhaps too much. Jennet has been living with war at her doorstep all her life, and seen more bloodshed and horror than anyone should. Hacon is a knight fighting for the Bruce under the command of a harsh lord. murder, pillaging, and rape are part of the daily like in war, and Hacon has taken part in some, but stepped back from from the less honorable part of it all. When he finds Jennet in a nunnery he takes her as plunder, and their journey together begins. The trouble is not only in their relationship, but also with the danger of the day, feuds, and the constant deadly battle. Add in an orphaned baby to care for, a fellow knight that wants Hacon dead, and constant travel and things are hard for our couple. Even when everything seems to come together, danger and compilations intercede more than once. Each of the issues would have made for an interesting and engaging story. However, I thought using all of them was a little much and I was getting impatient for the final resolution.

Conqueror's Kiss has the solid characters and high action and drama that I have come to expect from Howell. Everything was well written, there was just too much and it after awhile thought it was never going to end. I think this comes down to this being a book that Howell published in the early nineties and that amount of growth she has had as a writer since then. 
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