Book Review: One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web by Lee Jordan

One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web by Lee Jordan is a children's book about the dangers of internet predators. This is a rhyming story about one young witch who enjoys playing games and chatting online. However, she begins talking to a spider on the web that is not what he seems. When she makes the mistake of agreeing to meet him she is lucky that her mother and the police are quick to react and save the day.

One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web is a book with a good message, but that fell a little flat for me. The artwork was bright and whimsical, but looked very much like the cartoons that are completely computer generated. They worked, and I enjoyed some of the background details, but as a big reader of children's books I much prefer hand drawn art. The rhyming is a good idea, to help the lessons be memorable, however often times it felt forced or awkward. My other issue was that when the mother finds the plans for the girl and spider to meet the book specifically mentions that they were  things that she had not deleted. This implies that she has been or should have been deleting things. No, just no. I like that the author is trying to promote web safety, and the importance of the idea that no everyone is who they appear to be online. However, I think several important things were skipped or mishandled. Internet safety is important, and any awareness is good, but I was hoping for more with this book.

One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web tackles the important topic of internet safety. The message is good, but I think that a few things went wrong here. It could still be a valuable resource depending on the age and independence of the children, but I was a little disappointed. 
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