Early Book Review: Seven Continents by Mohan Bhasker

Seven Continents is a collection of photography by Mohan Bhasker which is currently scheduled for publication on January 28 2016. Mohan Bhasker is a physician and landscape photographer that has traveled a round-the-world to some of Earth's most exquisite sites. This book collects over 220 photographs that Mohan has taken over a fifteen years, along with the information about the journeys and conditions that he experienced while traveling to take the pictures. Some of the locations include a Laos jungle, Antarctica's icebergs, Nepal's Himalayan mountain range, and Brazil's scorching sand dunes. 

Seven Continents is an interesting collection of photographs from all seven continents taken over a period of fifteen years. The images and stories behind them are wonderful and show the beauty of each landscape and in many cases the animals that inhabit them. I liked the concept and the execution, however found that no images really captivated me as unique. so many images are available for viewing through so many forms of media that it really takes a lot to stand out these days. None of these pictures really struck me as overly original or capturing something new. They are all lovely images, capturing the differences and overall beauty that can be found in the world, but none left me awestruck or needing to add the book to my permanent collection.

Seven Continents is a lovely coffee table book or addition to a photography or travel buff's collection. I enjoyed looking at the photographs, and found some very beautiful, but did not find the book to be a must see or must have.
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