Book Review: Frankenstink! Garbage Gone Bad by Ron Lightburn

Frankenstink! Garbage Gone Bad by Ron Lightburn is a children's book for young readers, that just might have them cleaning their rooms. The story answers the question of what happens to all the random toys and whatnot that end up under the bed. When it gets big and gross enough, and is exposed to a big stink, it comes to life and starts eating all the garbage it can find.

Frankenstink! is told in rhyme, with a illustrations that have a comic book feel. the story features one young boys room, and the variety of toys, dust, and trash that gathers under his bed. one night it comes to life and becomes a garbage eating monster that finds its way to the dump and just keeps on eating until it bursts. While the story is simply told, it warns children to clean their rooms, and just how much stuff we throw away that ends up at the dump. so, there is a bit of a lesson about waste here as well, but I think most kids will focus on the monster coming to life from under their bed. as a parent, I have to say that my favorite part of the book was the look of wonder on they parents' faces when they spot their son doing some serious cleaning.

Frankenstink! might just be the lesson any preschool through middle grader needs to start cleaning their rooms, or after themselves in general. I do think that the monster and general idea might be a little to scary for some children already worried about monsters under the bed or easily bothered by drawing of monsters and their mayhem.  

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