Early Book Review: Container Theme Gardens: 42 Combinations, Each Using 5 Perfectly Matched Plants by Nancy J Ondra

Container Theme Gardens: 42 Combinations, Each Using 5 Perfectly Matched Plants by Nancy J Ondra is a resource that is currently scheduled for release on January 26 2016. This book helps gardeners of all skill levels create container plantings with very little stress. It maps out 42 plans for container arrangements, each using just five specific plants that are readily available. There are a variety of themes and ideas so there should be something for everyone; including a meadow in a box, a pond in a pot, a simple salad garden, and a combination that will attract hummingbirds. Each plan includes photographs of what the full planting will look like, as well as a handy shopping list and alternatives so you plan accordingly.

Container Theme Gardens is a well organized and thorough collection of information to help start and maintain themed container gardens. I liked the variety of themed gardens, based on color, season, location, wildlife, the container being used, and other special themes. Space needed, plant sizes, and plant care are included. The full color photographs of the individual plants used and the possible finished products are helpful and inspiring. 

Container Theme Gardens is a good collection of ideas and plants combinations. I liked many of the settings and found the variety to be nice. The only thing I found lacking was the hardiness zones, although with seasonal containers that is not always relevant. 

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