Early Book Review: Where do Fairies Go When It Snows by Liza Gardner Walsh, Hazel Mitchell

Where do Fairies Go When It Snows is a picturebook written by Liza Gardner Walsh and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell. It is currently scheduled for release on September 15 2015. This picturebook poses questions that many fairy lovers have had over the years. How do fairies interact with the plants and animals around the world, and what do fairies do during the different seasons, particularly during the winter. The book  uses rhyming question and charming illustrations to explore the idea.

Where do Fairies Go When It Snows is a whimsical, rhyming picturebook that will capture the imaginations of many young readers. Those that already love fairies and/or nature will enjoy, and the question filled minds will read eagerly just to find some answers. The illustrations are cute and charming, pairing pretty perfectly withe the rhymed questions and answers. I really enjoyed the activities and information at the end that encourages children to care for others, like the fairies care for nature, and how to help fairies and their friends weather the winter weather.

Where do Fairies Go When It Snows is a fun and entertaining picturebook that will keep many young readers entertained during multiple re readers. The themes of caring for the world and other living things that is intrinsic to the fairy's lives are great for readers of all ages to take in. While my daughter and I have already put a fairy garden together, however I think reading this will give her new ideas and have us making our backyard even more animal and fairy friendly.

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