Novels About Curvy Women; Fun Chick Lit and Romance Novels

These days models and actresses seem to be shrinking dramatically. It seems that marketing and the media is convinced that the smaller the dress size the more attractive a woman is. However, several authors out there are not buying it. They are bucking the trend and writing about women of realistic proportions and the issues of size in society. Here are some of my favorite fun reads from several romance sub-genres about women with curves.

The Corset Diaries by Katie MacAlister is a lighthearted romance novel. Tess is in serious need of money so jumps at the chance to be on a reality television show called A Month in the Life of a Victorian Duke. She gets to spend a month living like a duchess. However to take part Tess needs to act and dress like a duchess from the Victorian era, which includes a tight fitting corset. Thankfully, the hunk playing her husband on the reality show is distracting enough to take her mind of her wardrobe issues. A fun and quirky romance by one of my favorite authors, MacAlister comes through for her readers yet again.
Meg Cabot's Size 12 is Not Fat is a fun mystery with a former teen singing sensation at the center. Heather Wells left behind screaming fans and was in turn left behind by a thieving mother and selfish fiancée. To make ends meet Heather becomes a Resident Assistant at a New York City college and doing clerical work for her ex-fiancée's brother Cooper's private detective business for room and board. However, strange things start happening around Heather and so she starts doing a little detective work of her own. This is the first book in an ongoing series.
Gerry Bartlett's Real Vampires Have Curves proves that while vampires might all be attractive and sexy, they are all not super skinny. Gloriana St. Clair was rendered permanently full figured when her Scottish beau turned her vampire centuries ago. Now or curvy heroine is struggling to stand on her own feet after overcoming credit and gambling problems. She starts up a vintage clothing boutique and works to become more independent and find her way through the twists and turns of romantic complications. This is the first book of an ongoing series.
The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands is a historical romance set in eleventh century England. Avelyn has more curves than she would like, and has been teased by her cousins about it unmercifully. She feels badly about herself and her size, so tries to hide her true proportions from her new husband. However, her attempts only make him think that she must be frail and prone to accidents, which make him worry and cause many misunderstandings. All the
characters are well fleshed out and entertaining. Surprises and laughs abound in this romance by another of my favorite authors.
Jennifer Cruise's Bet Me is a contemporary romance about Minerva Dobbs who is dumped by her boyfriend three weeks before her sister's wedding. Now she needs to deal with finding a new date on top of her overbearing but well-meaning mother that continually harasses Min about her size. When she overhears her ex-boyfriend make a bet that another man cannot get her home and in bed within a certain period she is beyond mad, but decides to make it work for her. Now she will have a date for the wedding, but can she resist the unexpected temptation she finds in Calvin? Sarcasm and good food abound in this delightful read.
To continue reading novels with pleasing plump heroines I suggest checking out Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones series, Jennifer Weiner's Good in Bed, Leanne Banks' Some Girls Do and Susan Donovan's He Loves Lucy. There are of course several more authors that write books feature larger women, but these are my favorites for how those women look at life, the world and themselves. 
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