Book Review: What About Moose by Corey Rosen Schwartz, Rebecca J. Gomez

What About Moose is a new picturebook written by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez. It was illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi. When Fox, Toad, Bear, Porcupine, and Skunk set out to build a tree house, they know just what to do: they’ll follow a plan and they’ll work as a team. However,  Moose is not ready to listen to other peoples plans. Will Moose's 'suggestions' for a perfect tree house ruin the day?

What About Moose is a story children and adults can relate to and enjoy. Moose and his friends have a great activity planned, but following the plans is not Moose's idea. He wants things done his way, which does not work out the way he hoped it would. The repeated chorus of "What about you moose?" will have some children chanting along with the book, while everyone gets to see what it is like to have their plans trampled by others that mean well, but have not thought everything through. This is a fun story that can show children how to play and work together a little bit better, while making them laugh a little in the process.

What About Moose is a fun rhyming picturebook that can start conversations about team work and planning. As a mom with two very opinionated and stubborn children this story struck a chord, and just might make a difference. Well, at least on the day we share the book.
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