Book Review: Modular Crochet: The Revolutionary Method for Creating Custom-Designed Pullovers by Judith Copeland

Modular Crochet: The Revolutionary Method for Creating Custom-Designed Pullovers by Judith Copeland is a reprint of a crochet book from 1978. This book shows basic crachet technigues with plenty of detailed photographs to demonstrate how to crochet clothing using modular crochet techniques. The garments are worked in the same basic shape, which consists of eight modules, or rectangles. Yarn, color, size, and stitches used can turn the basic format into a variety of finished projects.

Modular Crochet is a technique that I have never really used, having taught myself to crochet via internet instructions and a few fantastic books while I was pregnant with my oldest child (who is just shy of 9). The idea is sound, and has been around for awhile, since this is a republication. I have to admit that I am intrigued and might be testing out the method when I finish up my current project. The technique is described well, and the photographs used do a good job of illustrating the technique. However, I will admit that I found the book to be dated, which is not completely unexpected. I think anyone that has the basic crochet stitches mastered, but is still intimidated by patterns and clothing could use this book to help master freeform or improvisational crochet. Not a bad guide, but definitely dated, although I guess we could just call it retro?

Modular Crochet is a well done guide, and would be useful to those wanting to try making clothing without using a prewritten pattern. The diagrams, instructions, and photographs work together to explain everything very well. My only complaint is that the book does not seem to be updated from the 1978 version in this publication.

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