Book Review: The Silver Rings by Samuel Valentino

The Silver Rings by Samuel Valentino is a fun book for middle grade readers.  Celia and Alice are twin sisters whose bid for freedom from their evil stepmother leads them on a journey through a world of fantasy and imagination. They encounter a sarcastic fairy godmother, giants, charming princes, an overly dramatic fox, and more along the way. Bits of familiar tales are woven through the story, along with some lesser known stories. However, each tale is given a humorous twist. 

The Silver Rings is a fun twist on fairy tales for the younger set. There are many recognizable fairy tales that are heavily woven into the story, which makes the reading feel more inclusive to those that feel like they know more about the story than what the author is initially telling them. at the same time, there are less known stories and many unique twists that will keep even some of the most jaded readers on their toes.The characters are well developed, and while often times the reading is easy, there is a sardonic twist and a feeling of sarcastic humor that would made this book great for middle grade readers, particularly reluctant readers. I really enjoyed the common thread through the whole book that it is not being royalty, or pretty, or anything so shallow that gets a happy ending, it is resilience, planning, and creative thinking that will help you come out ahead. 

I really enjoyed The Silver Rings, and  think that it will have a wide fan base once word gets out about the story. It is clever and fun, with a feel that is somehow both familiar and unique. the best of both worlds.

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