Book Review: The Mischievians by William Joyce

The Mischievians is an older picturebook by William Joyce  that explains the strange smells, disappearing remotes, missing homework, and all the little things that you have never been able to explain on your own. None of these lost things or weird experiences happen by chance, they are the work of the Mischievians. These creatures are an ancient race of troublemakers who do all the things that embarrass you, bug you, and that YOU get blamed for!

The Mischievians is a fun and mock-informational book about the little mischief makers that make life a little more difficult. readers will meet the Homework Eater (steals your homework), the Endroller (uses up ALL the toilet paper), the Yawn Mower (makes you yawn at the worst time), and many more. The use of imagination is powerful and the details here are impressive. I loved the illustrations and the ideas and possibilities that this book opened the door too. My only reservation here is that so many children, and adults, refuse to accept responsibility for their own mistakes and faults that this book might give some imaginative folk the feeling that their responsibility avoidance is okay. As someone that loses things on a regular basis, particularly after putting them in a specifically 'safe' place, I like the idea that something else is to blame but know the difference. 

I enjoyed The Mischievians and would recommend it to older fans of picturebooks and for sharing in a group. The only people I would avoid sharing this book with are those that are regularly avoiding taking responsibility for themselves. It just might give them ideas that might amuse, could also continue or encourage bad habits.

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