Early Book Review: Bug on a Bike by Chris Monroe

Bug on a Bike by Chris Monroe is a picturebook currently scheduled for release on October 1 2014. This book follows a bug leading everyone he meets on a long trip. As he rides his bike on friends ask if they are there yet, but the bug does not answer. When the bug finally reaches his destination, with everyone from the athletic pickle to a surprisingly agile nickel along for the ride, everyone is happily surprised. 

Bug on a Bike is a cute story of friendship and exploration. I loved that the bug leads his friends on a merry ride through the country side with the goal of giving them (and himself) a happy surprise. The illustrations are cute and cartoony, with bright colors that will catch the eye. There are rhymes and silly details on each page, some of which you might miss on the first read. While I do not want my kids randomly following anyone off into the distance with no idea where they are going, I think the story is still cute and worth a look. 

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