Book Review: The Traitor by Grace Burrowes

The Traitor is the second book in the Captive Hearts series by Grace Burrowes. This historical romance is part of a series, which gives you details about some of the characters in previous books, but it is not necessary to read the books as a series. Each has the power to stand on its own.  Abandoned in France since boyhood, despite being heir to an English barony, Sebastian St. Clair might be the heir to an English barony, but after a childhood in France he was forced to make very difficult choices to survive a tour of duty in the French Army. He returns to England and a beloved aunt with the hope of living a quiet life, but old enemies insist on challenging him on the field of honor, one after another. Millicent Danforth desperately needs her position as companion to the Traitor Baron's aunt to escape a less than pleasant family situation. She comes to learn that Sebastian must continually fight a war long over. As Sebastian and Milly explore their growing passion, they uncover a plot that could cost Sebastian his life and his honor.

I almost wish I had not read The Captive before reading The Traitor. Why? Well because I was not sure that I could like a hero that did what he had done to survive in the French army, the choices that he made to protect himself, his family, his friend, and his countrymen even though they were on opposite sides of a deadly war. I came to the book with preconceived notions of a few characters.  However, it did not take me long to feel sympathy and even respect for St. Clair. He turned out to be a wounded, but honorable, hero. Milly had her own troubles and challenges, dealing with the almost expected overbearing family that cares more about what she could do for them than what she might need never mind want. The only fault I could find with Milly is that she trusted a little to easily, but she seemed to chose the right people to trust so I should just grant her the characteristic of being a good judge of character. I really liked the development of the relationship between Milly and St. Clair. The slow but steady pacing of that combined with the underlying plot to get St. Clair killed and the complicated relationships between some of the characters kept me reading eagerly. I the end I enjoyed The Traitor more than The Captive despite my initial concerns. 

I recommend The Traitor to readers that enjoy Burrowes' work, those that like historical romance, and those that enjoy books that have intrigue and subplots. If you like The Captive, or found it left you a wee but underwhelmed, do not give up on the series! This book is even better, and the couple chapters that I have read in The Laird (the third book in the series) promise to continue the trend.

Heads up, I will be posting a giveaway for the complete series as soon as I have my review of The Laird written. There is also an official giveaway, which you can enter as well. I will post them both very soon!

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