Book Review: Commanding the Tides by Michelle M. Pillow

Commanding the Tides is the second book in the Lords of the Abyss series by Michelle M. Pillow.
Cassandra Nevin has come to the ocean to live out her days on a boat with a bunch of scientists who don’t even know she is terminally ill, or that she is not even a scientist. When something from the depths of the abyss attacks their boat she knows it’s her time and is ready. But then the unimaginable happens, she lives. Iason the Hunter does not understand why the woman he is trying to save insists that he save anyone but her. To try and save her would mean possible disgrace and being banned from ever swimming in the ocean again. But what else can he do? From the first moment he saw her, she had command over his heart.

Commanding the Tides, like The Mighty Hunter, has plenty of inventive sex. This book also has the benefit of a heroine that I like. Cassy is ready to die, she has made her peace and rolls with the punches pretty well. She excepts some of the paranormal bits pretty easily, but takes some more convincing with the rest. Being at deaths door has her with nothing to lose, and living life to the fullest. it is only when feelings and real life get too close that she is uncertain. Iason is a strong hero, willing to risk everything to save the life of a woman he barely knows but feels so connected to.

Commanding the Tides is far from perfect, but is a step up from The Mighty Hunter. However, I would still only recommend this book (and series) to die hard mer fans, Pillow fans, or those that are reading for the 'good parts'.

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