Book Review: Captive of the Deep by Michelle M. Pillow

Captive of the Deep is the third book in the Lords of the Abyss series by Michelle M. Pillow. Merman Rigel the Hunter has prayed for an end to his people's curse. Immortality comes with a high price, loneliness. When he rescues Lyra Harne from drowning, her fate is in his hands. Living in the lost city of Atlantes, women are rare and this sexy mortal is more than this hard up warrior can resist. Lyra was sailing wit what was left of her family. believing that her rescuer is to blame for the death of her father and brothers Lyra refuses to speak until Rigel can break through her defenses. However, the truth of Lyra’s shipwreck just might prove too much for both of them.

Honestly, Captive of the Deep is the reason I kept reading this series. I wanted to know the story behind the ship of people in period clothing and the silent woman that was rescued from its destruction. Lyra was my favorite of the three heroines, and Rigel was a wounded alpha male that was her perfect match. If you made it through the first two books, then keep going since this is the best of the three and offers a lot of questions about the Scylla that sink the boats and reason the hunters are so diligent in their efforts to stop them.

If possible, I suggest skipping straight to Captive of the Deep, rather than reading the whole series. If you are not into books with tons of sex, or mer, or usually do not enjoy Pillow's work then skip it. However, if you like any of these things you might want to give Captive of the Deep a chance. it is still not a great book, but it is good for a steamy night's read.

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