Book Review: Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell

Murder Mysteries is a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and  P. Craig Russell. The story is a noir-fantasy tale of angels and murder. A lonely man in Los Angeles is told a unique tale,  a passion play that sheds light on the events before the creation of the world! Constructing the Universe is a vast task and God has allocated roles to all of his angels, even if the roles of some are more ineffable than others. When the first murder takes place an archangel is assigned to investigate.

Murder Mysteries is really two stories wrapped together. There is a lonely man who feels like his life is not something he has really earned, that it is all a gift. He thinks back to a strange time in his past when bits of his memory went missing. One night in Los Angeles he met up with a older man and is told a story of murder, vengeance, and creation. The story of the very first murder and the investigation and aftermath of the sad event. an angel tasked with solving the murder discovers much more about his creator and the larger plans for the world than he had ever imagined. the concepts or fairness, doing the right thing, and following the right path are all called into question and the angel of vengeance takes a path less traveled.  I enjoyed the story, and the art was perfectly paired with the tale and its moods. I really enjoyed the information about the creation of this graphic novel that followed the story itself.

I would recommend Murder Mysteries to readers that are fans of Neil Gaiman and/or  P. Craig Russell. I think there would be unhappy reactions from some highly religious folks, but those that are looking for new looks at the world and mythology will be entertained and interested by the angle the story takes.

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