Blog Tour Review: The Unicorn Thief by R.R. Russell

The Unicorn Thief  is the second book in the Unicorns of the Mist series by R.R. Russell. I highly recommend reading the first book, Wonder Light, before reading. In this sequel Twig and Ben and working to tame the last unicorn herd on Lonehorn Island while dealing with their personal struggles about identity and family. However, a thief runs rampant in the land of unicorns and now no one is safe, not even Ben's loyal unicorn Indy. When their search leads them to the island’s secret passageway of Terracornus, the land of unicorns, they discover a bold thief at work. It is here that Twig learns the tangled truth about Ben and the evil queen who’s enslaved all of the unicorns. Now all of the captive unicorns are in danger and only Ben and Twig, the last unicorn riders, can save them.

The Unicorn Thief is a wonderful sequel to Wonder Light. The world was not made perfect with one victory for Ben and Twig, and there are still many difficulties ahead of them. Ben is keeping secrets, as are others, and Twig is trying to be the best version of herself while trying to let down any of the people that have come to trust in her. I love the fact that every character is well fleshed out and given both good and bad quality, which makes them much more real than any perfectly pure hero or simply evil big bad. There are equal parts of adventure, mystery, action, and the emotional trials involved of knowing yourself and being a honorable individual. There are lots of secrets to be uncovered, and telling too much might reveal the truth and spoil the surprise. I will admit that I saw one or two of the big twists coming, but the journey was still delightful.

I would very highly recommend The Unicorn Thief to everyone that read and enjoyed Wonder Light. If you like action, adventure, magic, or coming of age stories then this series has something you can get lost inside. I do recommend reading in order, but with the quality of the storytelling, that will be no chore.

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