Book Review: Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

Noble Destiny is the second book in the Noble series by Katie MacAlister. This regency romance was
originally published in 2003, but is being re-released in Kindle format this June. Lady Charlotte Collins returns to England as a poor widow. She's eager to take her place in the ton, but is quickly shunned by all. There is only one way to redeem her good standing: find a groom with wealth, a title, and good looks. Alasdair McGregor possesses all these fine attributes, but he cruelly refuses to be the answer to Charlotte's problems. So what is she to do but take extreme measures? She'll land him as a husband and find a happy ending regardless of the extremes she might have to go in order to make it happen.

As a long time reader and fan of MacAlister there are some things about Noble Destiny that rang very true. Her humor and love of wacky characters, and the situations they get themselves into, was in full effect. Charlotte had a pertinacity for murdering vocabulary, a tenacity that had her teetering on receiving the title of bully, and still a level of nativity that led to some good laughs. Alasdair is an honorable man with a painful past and little to no money despite his inherited title. He has no love for society, only for his soon to be married sister and the steam engine that he hopes will secure his future. There are plots upon plots, quirky secondary characters, and silly dialogue. I liked how it all came together in the end, and that a character (Charlotte) who was not my favorite heroine from MacAlister, coming into her own and growing up quite a bit by the end of the story. Alasdair was the expected mixture or alpha male and sweet heat that I expect from MacAlister, with quirks of his own and a tough road to travel in this book.

I would recommend Noble Destiny to fans of MacAlister and regency romance. This is not my favorite example of either, but it was funny enough to break me out of a reading slump and get me looking forward to turning the pages again.

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