Early Book Review: Water Can Be . . .by Laura Purdie Salas

Water Can Be . . .by Laura Purdie Salas is being republished on April 1st 2014, but was originally released on January 1st 2014. This non fiction picturebook uses beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse to explore water and its many aspects. For example;  "Water can be a, Thirst quencher, Kid drencher, Cloud fluffer, Fire snuffer".

Water Can Be . . is a look at many of the aspects on water and how it can be experience through out the year. I liked that the illustrations and verse matched up perfectly to give readers a seamless experience. There are very few pages on each page, but some of the words might prompt discussion about what the author means, and how they might experience water as a 'kid drencher' or other phrase that is used to describer water. While the language could be difficult for younger readers, there is a definition section at the end of the book to help explain any words leave readers confused.

I would recommend Water Can Be..  for library, home and school collections. It would be a great discussion starter about the nature of water, the environment, science, the seasons, and water fun. The beautiful illustrations and text come together and will hold the interest for most readers.
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