Early Book Review: Hidden by Loic Dauvillier

Hidden by Loic Dauvillier, Marc Lizano, and Greg Salsedo is a children's graphic novel currently scheduled to be released on April 1 2014. This graphic novel is gentle and moving, while dealing with an emotional story. Dounia shares a story of her own childhood with her granddaughter, a story that she has never told before. Dounia was a young Jewish girl in Paris during World War II. She was hidden away from the Nazis by neighbors and friends who risked their own lives to keep her safe after her parents had been taken to concentration camps. The story continues as World War II ends.

Hidden is a graphic novel that brought me to tears while finishing, and makes my eyes well up again just thinking about it in my attempt to write this review. The words by Loïc Dauvillier and the art by Marc Lizano and Greg Salsedo,come together seamlessly in this comic for young readers. Dounia is a normal child, with friends and school, just like any child that might see this story. However, because of other people she is treated like she is different in ways that makes her unwanted. Thanks to friends and neighbors around her Dounias survives and is reunited with her mother when the war ends. There is no graphic violence included, but there is a feel for the horrors that was felt by children and adults in the time. Dounia's mother, at the time of their reunion, does clearly show the effects of her time in the concentration camps. Hidden can start some discussions about family, history, and prejudice (of all kinds) that are extremely important to have.

Hidden is an extremely well done graphic novel, one that can touch everyone that picks it up. The story, artwork, and historical significance would each be reason alone to own this book. However when all the factors are put together this book becomes a must read and something I would suggest being used in elementary school classrooms when ever the subject of World War II is discussed. Schools and public libraries should all seriously consider adding Hidden to their collection.

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