Early Book Review: No Ordinary Apple: A Story About Eating Mindfully

No Ordinary Apple: A Story About Eating Mindfully is a picturebook written by Sara Marlowe and illustrated by Phil Pascuzzo. This book about paying attention to the food we eat is scheduled for release on June 11 2013. Elliot wants a snack, well what he wants is candy. When he asks his neighbor, and caregiver, for a treat he is handed an apple rather than the sugary treat he craved. When encouraged to slow down and actually pay close attention to the apple in his hands, Elliot discovers just how special and apple can be.

No Ordinary Apple might sound like a preachy book about eating healthy and nutrition. However, it is more about slowing day and paying attention to what you are eating, and the world in general. The texture, smell, colors, and all the attributes of the item that you are about to eat and just how different it might be from the last thing you might have had, and the next. The illustrations are bold and bright, catching and keeping the attention.

I recommend No Ordinary Apple for school, home, and library collections. It would work well to open a discussion about paying attention to the food, and world around us. Also, while the book might not be about nutrition itself, it could certainly fuel discussions on the top
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