Early Book Review: Forever by Jacquelyn Frank

Forever is the second book in the The World of Nightwalkers sub-series by Jacquelyn Frank which is scheduled for release on May 28 2013. Jackson Waverly has had a lot to process. His sister was kidnapped, and is now sharing the body with an ancient Egyptian. In a rescue attempt Jackson also becomes the host to a Bodywalker, the soul he is hosting is the Egyptian pharaoh Menes who has a mission beyond survival, finding the ideal host for his queen, and love, Hatshepsut. Can Jackson overcome his attraction to his police department's precinct psychologist Dr. Marissa Anderson and finally break ties with his old life, or could he and Menes have found the perfect answer in Marissa?

Forever is the sequel to Forbidden, in which the events involving Jackson's sister take place. I highly recommend starting at the beginning with this series to fully understand the dynamics involved with this group of paranormal people. Forever does a good job of describing the main characters of its story, but the big picture is very important here and I think the story would have less impact without knowing the full backstory. With that out of the way, lets talk about Jackson and Marissa. They are both strong and honor bound characters that almost miss out on each other because of those very virtues. The struggles between Menes and Jackson, and the struggles each of the men and Marissa wages in their heads keep you guessing, but I will admit that after while I just wanted the to talk TO each other or just go ahead and take action. I got a smidgen impatient, but Frank kept me happy enough that I kept on reading and was extremely happy I did when I reached the end.

I recommend Forever to readers that enjoy the writing style of Jacquelyn Frank, and especially those that enjoyed the unique take on Egyptian lore in Forbidden. This is one series that I must stress that reading in order will increase the overall reading pleasure. The understanding of the side characters and their issues will be much easier to understand if you read Forbidden prior to picking up Forever.
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