Book Review: Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

Wednesdays in the Tower is the second book in the Castle Glower series by Jessica Day George. This children's fantasy book offers readers just what they have come to expect from  the author. Solid characters, action, adventure, a dash of mystery, and some humor.Castle Glower has a mind of its own, moving rooms and sometimes making them appear or disappear. Celie and the rest of the royal family thinks they have a grasp on what to expect from their unusual home. However, the castle has changed its usual pattern of craziness and becomes even less predictable, rendering Celie's map making efforts almost useless. A storeroom full of potentially magic, and certainly dangerous, weapons appears and a roost complete with a door only Celie can seem to find and a giant egg for her to care for and hatch lead to even more complications and adventure.

I have yet to be disappointed by Jessica Day George. This is true in Wednesdays in the Tower as well. There characters are engaging, making me care for them and feel like I know them almost immediately even though I somehow missed reading the previous book Tuesdays at the Castle. Celie and her siblings are smart and capable characters, and their interactions hold a realistic mix of love, trust, and teasing that anyone with siblings will instantly relate to. The craziness of the castle and the threats from within and outside the walls are both unbelievable, and so well describe that the world the characters liv
e in feels real. My only complaint is that the ending did leave a bit of a cliffhanger. While many of the immediate questions were answered- the consequences of those answers leave the my favorite characters in a situation I am eager to see resolved.

I highly recommend Wednesdays in the Tower to fans of Jessica Day George, although I would suggest reading Tuesdays at the Castle first. However, I did not take my own advice, and while I still greatly enjoyed the novel I am now going in search for the first.
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