Picturebook Review: Perfectly Percy by Paul Schmidt

Perfectly Percy is a picturebook that is written and illustrated by Paul Schmidt. Percy loves balloons, and who doesn't, because balloons are great fun. But Percy has a small problem. Everytime he tries to play with balloons, they pop. This could be because Percy is a porcupine.He tries some things to solve his problem, and finds solution to allow him to play with his favorite toy.

Perfectly Percy is a great picturebook. The illustrations are fun, and show the trial and error Percy goes through in his search for a solution. I like that this prickly little guy does not give up, just keeps working until he finds the perfect solution. Nothing is to hard to solve if determination and a big heart are involved.

I highly recommend Perfectly Percy to picturebook fans of all ages. I think this story would work great in a home setting, story time, or classroom. It could serve as  a conversation starter about perseverance, differences between people, and seeking unique solutions to fit unique individuals or situations.
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