Book Review: The Self-Sufficiency Bible by Simon Dawson

The Self-Sufficiency Bible: Window Boxes to Smallholdings - Hundreds of Ways to Become Self-SufficientThe Self-Sufficiency Bible: Window Boxes to Smallholdings - Hundreds of Ways to Become Self-Sufficient by Simon Dawson is a all around book about how to live a life in a self-sufficient manner. This book can guide in in all aspects of homesteading, from animal husbandry to crafting your own beauty products and apple cider. For those that want to depend on the grid as little as possible, this is the guide to have, even if you are not going to go as far as slaughtering and preparing your own meat.

The Self-Sufficiency Bible offers readers exactly what the title suggests, a comprehensive guide in living a life that is as close to self sufficient as possible. Whatever the reason you might want to learn these skills; going green, decreasing your carbon footprint, saving money, not trusting store bought foods, or just wanting to learn survival skills, this book will can you started. Making beer, cider, crafts, natural cleaning products and beauty products were the portions I had interest in, but there is much more here for interested individuals. I have no interest in the animal husbandry, slaughter, and meat preparation however I have family that have raised a few head of cattle and might have been interested in this portion of the book. It is certainly packed with information and a useful tool. However, I did find the tone and wording to border on condescending. Which almost made me stop reading on more than one occasion.

I recommend The Self-Sufficiency Bible to those that are serious about homesteading of living a self-sufficient lifestyle. However, if you are not interested in raising and slaughtering your own meat, I say borrow the book from a local library rather than buying it, since a good portion of the book will not be of much use to you.
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