Book Review Accidentally Dead, Again by Dakota Cassidy

Accidentally Dead, Again (Accidentally Friends, #6)Accidentally Dead, Again is the sixth book in the fun paranormal romance Accidentally Friends series by Dakota Cassidy. Sam McLean was planning on a night of fun with co-workers, but wakes up with missing memories of the night and a sudden need to drink blood. He wakes up in in the office of OOPS- where Wanda, Nina, and Marty help new members of the paranormal fold deal with their new status. Soon, Phoebe Reynolds was looking for her half-sister, Nina, and found her only to land tush first on Sam's new fangs  Not only do the newly changed pair need to come to terms with their new lifestyle, they also need to figure out who changed Sam and find a way to stop a crazed scientist from creating his own paranormal posse.

Accidentally Dead, Again is a fun and easy read. Sam is a solid character, with much more to him than I really expected when I started reading. Phoebe, like Nina, has a combination of spunk and honor that made me like her instantly.Nina, Marty, and Wanda are all fun characters that held true with past appearances, but are secondary characters here for the most part. There are plenty of witty exchanges throughout the book, and readers might find themselves smiling as Phoebe or Nina rails at someone. The mystery and suspense of figuring out the mystery of who turned Sam and how they came came to be vampires themselves is just the beginning. Stopping more experiments and just who is behind them is a huge factor in the story, as is the full disclosure of the secrets stored away by both Sam and Phoebe.

Accidentally Dead, Again has the same combination of warmth humor, and action that I remember from the other Accidental Friends series. Although, I will admit that it has been awhile since I read the last one and it took me a little while to remember everything from the past books. I think that readers that have not red the earlier books might miss some of the details about the individual characters, but would still be able to enjoy the action, mystery, and romance involved.

I recommend Accidentally Dead, Again to fans of Cassidy's work and this series in particular. Those that like fun paranormal romance with aspects of mystery and action will find some enjoyment here.
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