Picturebook Review: Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers

Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers is a picturebook that follows one white rabbit with a problem. No matter where he goes, a black rabbit follows him. It is only when the rabbit enters the dark wood that his mysterious companion disappears, but he also finds a much more threatening foe. Thankfully, when the black rabbit reappears he is more friend than foe.

Black Rabbit is a fun story about discovery and friendship. While it might be obvious to readers of all ages that the black rabbit is really just a shadow, the fun of playing with one's shadow is something young readers will relate to. The story is just great fun, and gives children the feeling of being in on a secret, which is always fun. Most kids will enjoy the story for its fun playfulness, and because they can recognize themselves in the feeling and play of the little white rabbit.

I recommend Black Rabbit to picturebook fans of all ages. The illustrations wonderful, and the story is fun. I liked this book particularly for my son, who like the rabbit seems to be afraid of things he has no need to fear, and likes to run from his own shadow and imaginary monsters of his own creation for fun.
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