Early Book Review: Where's Leopold? #1 Your Pajamas Are Showing! by Michel-Yves Schmitt and Vincent Caut

Where's Leopold? #1 Your Pajamas Are Showing! is a children's graphic novel written by Michel-Yves Schmitt and illustrated by Vincent Caut. It is scheduled for release on April 1 2013. Leopold and his big sister have a recognizable love hate relationship. When Leopold discovers that he can turn himself invisible he plans on playing pranks and stealing his sister's candy. But, only his body seems to become invisible. Can Leopold get the courage to go around naked for the sake of invisibility, or will he find away to make his ability work on his clothes too. More importantly, will he discover that even a cool power like turning invisible might not be all the fun that he thinks it will be?

Your Pajamas Are Showing! is the start of a new series, and it promises to be silly and fun. Leopold has no sense of responsibility or purpose with his new-found power. He just wants to play pranks and get away with things he would not be able to do other wise. I think elementary school age student will find the story fun and entertaining, a quick and momentarily diverting read. I think it will appeal to some of the more reluctant readers, and could become a popular pick in libraries. However, do know that Leopold does not learn that responsibility should temper the use of power- there is no redemption or moral lesson embedded here. It is simply a fun, silly read.
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