Early Book Review: The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit's Amazing Migration by Sandra Markle and Mia Posada

The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit's Amazing Migration, written by Sandra Markle and illustrated by Mia Posada, is a nonfiction picture book, or easy non fiction book, which is scheduled for release on April 1 2013. The book takes readers through the life on one godwit, from the day she hatches through her first migration from Alaska to New Zealand. The dangers of life, the 7,000 mile journey, and a glimpse at what the future holds for this female bird make for an interesting and entertaining tale.

The Long, Long Journey is a beautifully illustrated story that captures the imagination, and can foster amazement in the wonders of animals. The bar-tailed godwit is a bird that hatches in Alaska and spends its first year on that shore, before making the longest flight known of, an eight day migration without stopping. There is further information about the birds, and their lives, after the story of this young bird. I found the illustrations to be particularly striking, and well done. The bring the animals to life, particularly as the young bird is in danger from predators.

I would recommend The Long, Long Journey for elementary school libraries, public libraries, and personal collection. Children with that are particularly interested in animals will have  the most interest, but the illustrations will capture those that might otherwise lose interest in a non fiction story.
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