Book Review: My Crocodile Does Not Bite by Joe Kulka

My Crocodile Does Not Bite by Joe Kulka is a picturebook about the annual pet show at an elementary school. As students met at the bus stop, you see all the expected pets, including the very confident Cindy Lou and her pet poodle. Ernest arrives with his pet crocodile and the fun begins. Cindy Lou does everything to discourage Ernest, and to disprove the crocodile's abilities. However, the crocodile is indeed very well trained, and Cindy Lou ends up helping Ernest prove that his crocodile really does not bite.

My Crocodile Does Not Bite is bright, colorful, and fun. Ernest and his crocodile Gustave are fun characters. They seem to both be friendly and good sports, characters the reader will want to identify with. Cindy Lou is a bit of a brat, with a poodle that is just as stubborn and prideful as its owner. The story does have a little touch of vindictiveness, that might cause concern for some parents, as Cindy Lou gets a lesson at the end, but it comes off as all in good fun.

My Crocodile Does Not Bite is a fun picturebook that I would recommend to most young readers. It could be used in discussing good sportsmanship in relation to Cindy Lou's behavior, or talking about what people really can have as pets.
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