Book Review: Love Under Cover by Jessica Brody

Love Under Cover by Jessica Brody is the story of Jennifer Hunter, a woman that has spent the last two years of her life as a woman hired to test men's faithfulness to their wife or girlfriend. But, when she finds love herself, Jen gives up her undercover lifestyle and works behind the scenes rather than on the front lines of fidelity testing. Can a former fidelity inspector tear herself away from her old calling for the sake of the perfect guy, or is the temptation to conduct love under cover just too strong? When her boyfriend Jamie popped the question Jen finds herself questioning weather she is marriage material. Jen needs to face her lifelong issues with commitment and trust, while managing a business that focuses on failing relationships. One decision could change everything, for better or for worse.

Love Under Cover is a novel about recognizing and facing your own issues, and about being true not only to others but to yourself. While it is the sequel to The Fidelity Files, where I must assume Jennifer met Jamie and went from fidelity inspector to the owner of the Hawthorne Agency, those of us that missed the first book and quickly get into the swing of things. I felt like I knew Jen and her friends from the moment they entered the scene in Love Under Cover. The characters were all very well done, and they felt extremely real. I think that with a history like Jen's, and the business she is in, feeds the paranoia and distrust that some of the characters seem steeped in. It was a little overwhelming at times, but admittedly helped to build the drama. Reading the book was intriguing, and sometimes a  little painful since I found myself cringing when certain choices were made, because I simply knew that the fall out was not going to be pretty.

I recommend Love Under Cover to readers that enjoyed the first book, The Fidelity Files.I think many fans of chick lit and contemporary fiction that deals with facing your past, present, and future and how your issues and decisions impact each of them. The ending seemed a little weak, but left me wondering if there would be more to the story in later books, and if the rumors of a television series might be true because of the wiggle room that it left for whatever might happen next.
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