Early Book Review: Hero of My Heart by Megan Frampton

Hero of My Heart by Megan Frampton is a historical romance that is currently scheduled for release on April 8 2013. Mary Smith is a Vicar's daughter whose half-brother drugs and sells her in a seedy pub. Alasdair Thornham is a troubled, opium addict that also happens to be a marquess. He buys Mary in order to rescue her, and in turns rescues himself. Each has demons to face, and family plotting against them.

Hero of My Heart is a book that left me torn. I loved the idea, Victorian era woman with plenty of intelligence and a hero that is troubled and wounded work to save each other, and come to save themselves as well. Mary is sweet, forgiving, and smart while Alasdair is dealing with the demons left behind by war and only eased by opium. While on the surface I enjoyed the characters, I found myself distracted by a few things as I read.

I love a spunky heroine that defies convention, however here it seemed more like the standards of the day were just ignored on several occasions, as were the speech patterns and whatnot of the day. This was not a deal breaker for me, but occasionally pulled me out of the world the story was supposed to be taking place in. The format became a little much as well. The story was in present tense, which it fine, but it bounced between the characters. That did help me understand how Mary and Alasdair really felt about each other, and their reasoning, but it also became a little redundant as we read moments from both points of view rather than moving on.

Hero of My Heart was an entertaining read. Readers that are sticklers for accuracy in historical fiction, might want to pass this by as the speech and actions of the characters just did not ring true to the times for me. Those that can look past that, and some inconstantcies in just how pragmatic Mary is, can find enjoyment and escape in this novel.
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