Book Review: Lawless by Jeffrey Salane

Lawless by Jeffrey Salane is the story old twelve year M Freeman, who has had an unusual education at home. However, she had no idea just how strange that schooling had been until she enters the Lawless School. This unusual boarding school trains children for lives on the wrong side of the law. Soon M is excelling in her classes, but realizing that the challenges at the school go far beyond those assigned by teachers. The mysteries go far deeper than teen age plots. M is on a path that might answer questions about her parents, he father's death and a plot to change the world.

Lawless is a novel for middle school and high school age readers, although it might appeal to younger and older readers as well. It has of plenty action, some school angst, and plenty about self discovery. M is a strong character, she knows her strengths but has had her entire world changed in a single afternoon. Everything she thought she know about her parents has been shown to be less than the truth, and she now has to face the challenges of fitting into school when she has never had that kind of experience, even in a typical school rather than one full of students planning on living a life of crime.

Lawless was a well written book that I recommend for readers around eleven and older. M's adventures, both intentional and not, are full of action and humor. The mysteries of her past, the purpose of the tasks, and the larger scheme that she could never have expected keep readers turning the pages in anticipation of what twists and turns await on the next page. While there is plenty to carry the story on into the promised series, there is a satisfying conclusion to this installment, which always make me a happy reader. I am impressed by this first novel from Jeffrey Salane.
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