Early Book Review: At the Highlander's Mercy by Terri Brisbin

At the Highlander's Mercy is a historical romance by Terri Brisbin scheduled for release on March 19 2013. Lilidh MacLerie is newly widowed after a short marriage and just wants to return home. She is on her way when her party is attacked and she is kidnapped. Robert Matheson is laird of his clan, and less that secure in his leadership. Someone is working against him, and when his cousin brings the kidnapped Lilidh to him things only get worse. The unwanted action has not only brought the clan to the brink of war with the powerful MacLeries, but it has also dropped the woman Rob love, and rejected, years ago at his feet. Can the two find a way to find a resolution that does not include bloodshed or more heartbreak, or will everything continue to spiral out of control?

At the Highlander's Mercy is a highland historical romance that turned out to be a steadily paced, sweet read. Lilidh was a smart woman, but I found her lacking the fire that I tend to enjoy most in my heroines. She occasional would spark and make me smile, but most of the time she just seem to be going with the flow. Similarly, Rob was a tempered leader, struggling to do what is best for his clan. However, he seemed to be lacking the force behind his honor, the bluster that often makes highland heroes among my favorites. Although, I did like the pair as they rediscovered each other, and how that obviously cared about each other despite the doubts they each held. The story itself was alright, but I cannot say that it was anything past good or alright.

At the Highlander's Mercy was a quick, sweet read. Fans of Terri Brisbin might want to pick this one up to continue the story of the The MacLerie Clan. I found it to be an average read, where nothing really stuck out at me as extremely good or bad, although others might enjoy it more than I.
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