Early Book Review: Muddled-Up Farm by Mike Dumbleton and Jobi Murphy

Muddled-Up Farm by Mike Dumbleton and Jobi Murphy is a picturebook scheduled for release on March 15, 2013. On this farm, things are a little different. The animals do not make the expected sounds, and they are quite content. When the farm inspector comes for a visit and is shocked at the state of the farm. He is committed to 'fixing' the farm. Things certainly do change, but not necessarily the way he expected.

Muddled-Up Farm is a bright and fun story that will inspire giggles in most children. The illustrations are in bright primary colors and sketchy lines and borders. The story with the mixed up animal sounds is silly and fun, with happy animals making it even better. I recommend this book for all children, particularly that love animals and farms. It would work well in homes, public libraries, and school libraries.
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